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Eric Snethkamp

Eric Snethkamp

On Wednesday I called a new lead to set an appointment. On the phone the client said he is an insulin dependent diabetic, has insurance from the military and just retired from the military so he has a steady income. He also said his wife works and is not sure he really needs anything for her and does not want to meet because he doesn’t want some high pressure sale. I assured him that the last thing he would experience is a high pressure sale and that I would be happy to come by and chat for 15 minutes to find out what is important to him and let him know if there are any options available that he may not have found on his own.

I knew that it was unlikely that he would be very interested in paying the kinds of premiums that a 62 year old insulin dependent diabetic would pay but I kept in mind that there may be something that I could do for him so I set the appointment. (I truly believe that if you have the client’s best interest in mind and forget the money that you will get everything you want.)

I met with the client and his wife and a found that the premiums were beyond what they could afford and that they were pretty much set for insurance. The next logical question was how they were protecting their retirement. Come to find out that they have lost half of their retirement in the last couple of years. I described the concepts of a fixed indexed annuity as taught to me by Bill Lampe and John Kight, their first comment was “We wish we had something like that years ago. How do we do this?”

The results? $209,557.31 annuity plus another $100k or more as soon as they can sell their rental property.

And they fed me dinner before I left.

I love this job!

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