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Wayne Alger

Wayne Alger

Flint, MI

I called an RW2 lead this week and set the appointment with a 59 year old pastor. He said that he had 4 other insurance policies but was interested in more Life Insurance on him and his wife. He told me that another agent had come to his house and tried to get him covered but the policy was going to be rated because he and his wife were diabetic and insulin dependent. The rated premiums quoted were too high and they could not afford it.My upline manager suggested that I write them up on a simplified issue — PlanRight. They would both qualify for the level plan. I also showed him that we could write a policy on his wife for $25K and it would be permanent insurance; level payment and level death benefit. So he immediately agreed to go ahead and apply for a PlanRight policy for him and his wife. He and his wife were very relieved once the phone interview was completed and the policies were immediately underwritten.

My wife and I were excited that now we had written two policies rather than one. The total annual premium was $2040. The simplified issue is fast and easy. Getting the client covered with something is better than no coverage.

Thank You National Agents Alliance® for a system that works! I Thank God for my upline manager that has already weathered the storms and can guide me through the fog. This is my first month selling Insurance and my goal is $10K in annual premium. I should have set my goal higher!

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